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Beginners Guide to Human Design - Authority

June 03, 20235 min read

“Your Inner Authority is your personal guide. Trust it, for it knows the path that is truly meant for you.” - Ra Uru Hu

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Human Design Authority

  • The Concept and Importance of Authority in Human Design

  • Exploring the Different Types of Authority

    • Solar Plexus Authority

    • Sacral Authority

    • Splenic Authority

    • Ego Authority

      • Ego Manifested

      • Ego Projected

    • Self-Projected Authority

    • Lunar Authority

    • No Authority (Reflectors)

  • Conclusion: Embracing Your Authority in Human Design

  • FAQs

Beginners Guide to Human Design - Authority

Beginners Guide to Human Design: Your Authority

Have you ever felt caught in a storm of decisions, not knowing which path to choose? If so, you're not alone. We've all been there. That's where the concept of authority in Human Design comes to your rescue.

The Concept and Importance of Authority in Human Design

Authority in Human Design is like your personal compass. It is your unique, built-in decision-making strategy. It helps you sail smoothly even through the stormiest seas of choices and decisions.

Why is understanding your authority important? Picture yourself in a maze, the walls towering around you. Now, what if you had a bird's eye view of that maze? Suddenly, the path becomes clear, right? That's what understanding your authority does. It gives you the much-needed perspective, the bird's eye view in your decision-making process.

Exploring the Different Types of Authority

Within the realm of Human Design, we find different types of authorities: Solar Plexus, Sacral, Splenic, Ego (Manifested and Projected), Self-Projected, Lunar, and No Authority. Intrigued to discover more? Let's embark on this journey together!

Solar Plexus Authority

For those with Solar Plexus Authority, also known as Emotional Authority, life can feel like a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Your key is to ride out these emotional waves before deciding. Imagine being on a seesaw; you need to experience both the highs and lows to truly understand the ride. So, waiting for emotional clarity before making a decision is your winning strategy.

Sacral Authority

As a Generator with Sacral Authority, your gut instinct is your most reliable compass. You're designed to respond to life's questions with a simple "yes" or "no". Your sacral responses guide you like a trustworthy friend, gently nudging you towards what is correct for you. Trust in its wisdom!

Splenic Authority

For those with a defined Splenic center, you are blessed with Splenic Authority. You make decisions based on your intuition or what feels safe and healthy for you. Your spleen whispers wisdom about the now, and it's your job to listen closely. It's like having an inbuilt radar system alerting you about safe passages and potential threats.

Ego Authority

Ego Authority is like the king or queen of a castle, divided into two sub-categories: Ego Manifested and Ego Projected.

Ego Manifested

With Ego Manifested Authority, decisions come from your Ego center. They are often tied to what you want or desire. You're the king or queen of your life, and your heart's desire is your command!

Ego Projected

Ego Projected Authority, on the other hand, needs to be recognized or invited before the decision-making process is activated. It's like being a VIP guest, you don't just walk into the party; you wait for an invitation!

Self-Projected Authority

If you have Self-Projected Authority, your decisions are shaped by your identity and life direction. You often need to talk things out to hear your own truth. Your words become your guiding light, illuminating your path.

Lunar Authority

For Reflectors, the Lunar Authority holds sway. Reflectors need to wait a full lunar cycle before making major decisions. They are like mirrors reflecting the lunar phases, and their decision-making rhythm dances to this cosmic beat.

No Authority (Reflectors)

Reflectors, unique as they are, can also have No Authority. They don't have a consistent inner authority and rely on their environment and the lunar cycle for decision-making. They are like chameleons, blending in and adapting to their surroundings while drawing wisdom from the moon's cycles.

Conclusion: Embracing Your Authority in Human Design

Embracing your unique authority in Human Design is like finding your true north. It gives you the clarity to navigate the labyrinth of life's decisions confidently and authentically. Remember, there's no right or wrong authority; there's only your unique, personal authority, waiting to guide you towards your highest potential.

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1. What is Authority in Human Design?

In Human Design, Authority is your personal decision-making strategy, guiding you towards choices that align with your true self.

2. How do I know my Authority in Human Design?

Your Authority can be discovered through a Human Design chart reading, which is generated using your birth data (date, time, and place).

3. Can my Authority in Human Design change over time?

No, your Authority is based on your birth data and remains consistent throughout your life.

4. How can I apply my Authority in everyday life?

Applying your Authority involves trusting in your unique decision-making strategy, whether it's responding with a "yes" or "no", waiting for emotional clarity, or listening to your intuition.

5. Can two people have the same Authority?

Yes, people can have the same Authority type, like Sacral or Solar Plexus, but the way they experience and express it can be unique, depending on their entire Human Design chart.

“Decision-making becomes effortless when we surrender to our Inner Authority.” - Ra Uru Hu

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By Elvan Granth Eblé

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