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Beginners Guide to Human Design - Profile

June 08, 20235 min read

“Your Profile is your costume in the theater of life. Wear it with authenticity.” - Ra Uru Hu

Table of Contents

  • A Beginner's Guide to Human Design: Unfolding the Profiles

  • Introducing Human Design Profiles

  • The Investigator/Martyr (1/3)

  • The Investigator/Opportunist (1/4)

  • The Hermit/Opportunist (2/4)

  • The Hermit/Heretic (2/5)

  • The Martyr/Heretic (3/5)

  • The Martyr/Role Model (3/6)

  • The Opportunist/Role Model (4/6)

  • The Opportunist/Investigator (4/1)

  • The Heretic/Investigator (5/1)

  • The Heretic/Hermit (5/2)

  • The Role Model/Hermit (6/2)

  • The Role Model/Martyr (6/3)

  • Embracing Your Profile

  • Conclusion

  • FAQs

Beginners Guide to Human Design - Profiles

A Beginner's Guide to Human Design: Unfolding the Profiles

Introducing Human Design Profiles

Imagine having a blueprint to your innate nature, a guidebook that helps unravel your unique combination of strengths, tendencies, and life themes. That's what Human Design Profiles offer. Like characters in a cosmic play, each of the 12 profiles - from the Investigator/Martyr to the Role Model/Martyr - uncovers a distinct storyline of our lives. Let's dive in, exploring these individual narratives.

The Investigator/Martyr (1/3)

As an Investigator/Martyr, your life is a continuous journey of exploration and discovery. You are gifted with a natural curiosity that drives you to understand the deeper aspects of life. Your experiences, though sometimes challenging, are your greatest teachers, guiding you towards a deeper understanding of the world.

The Investigator/Opportunist (1/4)

As an Investigator/Opportunist, you combine your investigative nature with an innate ability to seize opportunities. You thrive in a network of reliable connections, where your curiosity can be fully explored. Your network acts as a safety net, providing you with the security to delve into the world's mysteries.

The Hermit/Opportunist (2/4)

The Hermit/Opportunist, you seamlessly blend a need for solitude with the capacity to create opportunities through connections. Your inner hermit seeks solitude for renewal, while your opportunist side builds a network that supports and nourishes your individuality.

The Hermit/Heretic (2/5)

In the role of the Hermit/Heretic, you oscillate between periods of solitude and periods where you shake up the status quo. Your natural leadership is often unexpected, arising from your wisdom cultivated in solitude and then brought forth to challenge the existing order.

The Martyr/Heretic (3/5)

As a Martyr/Heretic, your life is marked by trial and error, experimentation, and upheaval. Your path is not always smooth, but each challenge and experience are stepping stones, leading you to newfound wisdom that you then share, sometimes controversially, with the world.

The Martyr/Role Model (3/6)

In the role of the Martyr/Role Model, you're a lifelong learner, drawing from your experiences to grow and evolve. The first part of your life may be filled with intense learning and adaptation, but as you grow older, you become a role model, inspiring others with your resilience and wisdom.

The Opportunist/Role Model (4/6)

As an Opportunist/Role Model, your life revolves around networking and personal growth. You're adept at building a strong community around you, which fuels your development. Your life is a testament to the power of connections and personal evolution.

The Opportunist/Investigator (4/1)

In the role of the Opportunist/Investigator, you meld your networking skills with a deep-seated desire to understand life's mysteries. Your world is marked by an intricate dance between building connections and solitary exploration.

The Heretic/Investigator (5/1)

As a Heretic/Investigator, you challenge norms while seeking a deeper understanding of life. You're not afraid to question the status quo or delve into the unknown. Your life is an exciting journey of discovery and transformation.

The Heretic/Hermit (5/2)

As the Heretic/Hermit, you possess a unique blend of challenging the status quo and seeking solitude. You often oscillate between disrupting norms and retreating to solitude, where you process your insights and prepare for your next venture into the world.

The Role Model/Hermit (6/2)

In the Role Model/Hermit profile, your life is a balance of leading by example and seeking solace in your solitude. Your alone time fuels your growth, enabling you to emerge as an inspiration for others.

The Role Model/Martyr (6/3)

As a Role Model/Martyr, your life is characterized by personal growth and learning from your experiences. Your journey might be challenging at times, but your resilience and wisdom shine through, guiding others in their journeys.

Embracing Your Profile

Your Human Design profile, like a narrative thread in the tapestry of your life, weaves together your unique combination of strengths, tendencies, and life themes. It's an integral part of your Human Design - a road map to understanding how you interact with the world and your unique pathway in life. Embrace your profile, and let it guide you towards authentic living and self-acceptance.


In the world of Human Design, profiles provide a deep and intricate understanding of our personalities. Whether you're an Investigator/Martyr, an Opportunist/Investigator, or any other combination, your profile holds a wealth of information about your strengths, life themes, and how you interact with the world. Recognizing and understanding your profile can lead to profound insights about your true nature and life purpose. After all, your profile is much more than a label - it's a guidebook to your soul's unique design.

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1. What is a Profile in Human Design?

In Human Design, your Profile gives a deeper understanding of your personality, outlining your strengths, life themes, and how you interact with the world. It's like a character in the story of your life.

2. How do I find out my Profile?

Your Profile is determined by your Human Design chart, which is created using your birth data. You can find out your Profile by getting a Human Design reading or using a free online tool.

3. How does my Profile affect my life?

Your Profile influences your strengths, tendencies, and life themes. It can offer insights into your life purpose, how you interact with the world, and how you can live more authentically.

4. Can my Profile change over time?

No, your Profile is determined by your birth data and remains constant throughout your life. It's part of your unique design in the Human Design system.

5. How can I use my Profile in my daily life?

Understanding your Profile can guide your decisions, interactions, and personal growth, helping you live in alignment with your true self. It can offer insights into your life themes and point you towards your unique pathway in life.

“Understanding our Profile helps us interact with the world in a way that aligns with our true selves.” - Ra Uru Hu

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By Elvan Granth Eblé

Elvan The Bearded Wizard, a passionate co traveller, and advocate for Human Design, dedicated to empowering individuals worldwide. Join the movement of self-discovery, and unlock your true potential. Let's make Human Design accessible to as many people as possible and lets lift the consciousness of the world!

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